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Our products (lime) is different:

  • 1st grade, GOST 9179-77,
  • High amount of CaO – more than 92%, absence of impurities, use of high activity lime makes man-made refractory ores of color noble and rare metals enrichment process much cheaper, increases the coefficient of recoverability.
  • Our clients are Ziryanovski Mining (“Kazzinc”), Ridder Mining (“Kazzinc”) Zhezkenstky Mining (LLP “Vostoktsvetmet” Kazakhmys Corporation), Copper-Chemical Plant (LLP “Vostoktsvetmet” Kazakhmys Corporation) Belousovsky Mining ( LLP “Vostoktsvetmet” Kazakhmys Corporation) Nurkazgan PF, PF Karagaily (PO “Karagandatsvet” Kazakhmys Corporation), TOO “Altyntau-Kokshetau”, TOO Aktobe Copper Company, JSC MMC Kazakhaltyn etc.
  • We hold 75-80% of market share in supply of lime
  • Individual approach to each client, favorable supply conditions, uniform supply of order parts allows customers to optimize storage costs, daily information on load location during delivery, quality product packaging.

Physico-chemical parameters

Name of indicators Rules on regulatory documents Actual values
First grade
 1 Active СаО+MgO, no less, %: without additives, with additives 9065 95,167
 2 ActiveMgO, no more, % 5 4
 3 СО2, не более, %: without additives, with additives 34 23
 4 Unslaked grains, no more, % 7 6


Briefly about lime:
Lime is a binding material, obtained by firing and subsequent processing of limestone, chalk, and other calc-magnesian rocks. Pure lime – colorless product poorly soluble in water (approximately 0.1% at 20 C), has a density of about 3.4 g / cm3.

Depending on chemical composition and curing conditions, lime is classified as air, air-hardening in dry conditions, and hydraulic which hardens in air and in water.

Based on speed of damping, lime is distinguished as quickly damped (processing time up to 8 minutes), modestly damped (no more than 25 min.) and slowly damped lime (more than 25 min). Damping speed is calculated from the start of mixing the lime powder with water until the maximum temperature of the mixture is achieved.

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