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Our product (barite) is different::

  • Percentage of local content – 100%
  • Grade KB-3, B class, meets the standards of GOST 4682-84 (Kazakhstan) and API 13 A (USA)
  • We occupy more than half of Kazakhstan market (55%) in barite supply.
  • Production, using gravity method is characterized by high containment of BaSO4, which provides high density of impurities, absence of heavy metals, and low amount of water-soluble salts (calcium), which positively affects the production of drilling muds.
  • The main consumers of our products are Kashagan (Agip KCO), Karashyganak (KPO), Buzachi (Engineering Drilling Company Xi Bu Aktau), Halliburton Int. Inc., MI Swaco, Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resources, CNPC Aktobe Munai Gas and many other mining companies.
  • Individual approach to each client, favorable supply conditions, uniform supply of order parts allows customers to optimize storage costs, daily information on load location during delivery, quality product packaging.

BARITE CONCENTRATE, class B (CB-3), GOST 4682-84

This passport corresponds to barite concentrates produced by gravitational enrichment and crushed using dry method. Physico-chemical parameters of barite relevant indicators are specified in the table. Mass production.

Name of indicators Rules on regulatory documents Actual values
1 Mass fraction of barium sulphate (BaSO4),%, no less 90 90,07
2 Density, g/cm3, no less 4,20 4,23
3 Mass fraction of residue after screening on a grid № 0071К, %, no more 6 2,38
4 Mass fraction 5 mkm, %, no more 10 7,09
5 Mass fraction of water-soluble salts,% no more

Including water-soluble calcium, %, no more

6 Moisture content, %, no more 2 0,36

Certificate of Conformity

Analysis results

Briefly about barite:

Barite – Natural barium sulphate (VaSO4). Basic technological properties defining a wide range of industrial use of barite, – high density (4.3-4.6 g / cm3), chemical inertness, low hardness (small abrasivity), the ability to absorb X-rays, high amount of barium. Barite is used mainly as a weighting agent in drilling muds (70% of the world consumption); is the best foundation in manufacturing of color inks; special cements resistant to aggressive environments; “Heavy” concrete used in foundations of heavy structures for laying pipelines in wetlands and under water; road construction; to obtain a strong and flexible layer on lanes in airports. Chemical industry applies barite in production of barium salts used in various industries. Besides, barite serves as the cheapest protective material in construction of “burial grounds” and reactors in nuclear power.

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